Introduction to the Existence of God

God-DoorsThe Existence of God

Does God exist? What does this question really mean?  The idea of the existence of God is really the question of Cause.  This is the starting point in any discussion on the validity of the Christian faith.  If there is “No God”, then all the rest is a waste of time.  Christianity cannot be true, if God does not exist.

            One of the reasons the secular world rejects Christianity is because they reject the existence of God.  The secularist sees Christianity as a myth, from their worldview it has a false premise.  So a logical starting point is to demonstrate the evidence for the existence of God.


            First we need to understand what does the term “God” mean?  God, without being specific to a specific religion, is referring to an existence “First Cause” with intelligence, the intelligent force behind the existence of life and matter. A cause outside the natural world of our existence, a “Super-natural” cause. The First Cause is a non-theological term to explain the origin of existence.  For example, we are here, how did life first form? What was its cause, the First Cause?  Our Sun is a star; the universe is filled with finite stars, where did they come from?  What was the First Cause? Therefore the understanding of an intelligent being as the force behind cause is what is meant by God.

There are only two options

            There can only be two options, either God exists or God does not exist, saying you do not know is not an option, it just puts the answer on hold.  There are only two doors available and each door opens into a hallway of other options.  If there is no super-natural First Cause (God) then we still have to explain the cause of the Universe and life. Where did life come from, what was the cause of the universe?  These questions do not go away when God existence is rejected, they demand an answer.  Science attempts to answer these questions, but in the end the answer is always a form of speculation which requires faith in what the secularist claim to be the evidence of a universe without God.


God does Not Exist

God Does Exist

Where did the universe come from?

1. From nothing

2. The Universe had no always existed

1. God was the First Cause

2. God Created and organized the Universe

How did life come into existence

1. Life formed by random events over outside intelligence

1. God Created the first life

2. God created and designed all life