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Reason 5:The First Cell

Reason 5: The First Cell

Primoridal-soupWhere did life come from?  Either it was created or it came about by accident are really the only two options.  Wait!, someone might respond, what if it came from outer space, what if we were seeded by alien beings? The alien seeding is only removing the argument from this world and sending it to another.  Because the follow up question is what caused the alien life? 


The secular de-facto answer is life came from an accidental combination of amino acids which formed in a primordial soup.

            Darwin in his theory of Evolution understood the dilemma he was in, his theory seemed to be able to explain variation in life, but how could he explain the very cause of life?  Without a “creator” what was his options to explain cause? Darwin’s son records his father bewilderment with the start of life, Darwin wrote in a letter to his friend Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1871 speculating on the cause of life. In a letter to his friend as recorded by his son

Darwin writes,[1]


  Darwin had faith life formed from non-life, his presupposition was that it was possible for all the right elements to come together and form the first living cell.   Darwin faith in the existence of the first proto-cell continues today by “modern science” which is not able demonstrate a single aspect of life. 

Evolution and the cause of life?

 Darwin-FinchesDarwin’s book the Origin of Species attempts to explain life, how did this diversity of life ever come about?  Darwin shows the ability of life to change with time and environment. His most famous example is the finches on the Galapagos Islands. Here he should how over time and environment the beaks on finches changed to match the environment. There are two distinct types of evolution Darwin covers in his theory. One is known as Natural Selection or Micro Evolution and the other is known as Macro-Evolution.


1. Natural Selection (Micro-Evolution):  This has been proven time and time again as we can clearly see the variety of life within a species.  The DNA code has variety built in allowing for change with environmental triggers which cause the change.  The change is naturally selected, such as the fur on a dog becoming thick and full in cold environments and its related species have thin or little hair in warm environments. All dogs can be shown to be related to the wolf, the grandfather of the canine world. 

            For example a Lion and Tiger can breed together producing an offspring called a Liger.  A horse and a zebra can breed, ZorseLigerproducing a Zorse, half Zebra half horse.  This demonstrates they are related genetically to each other.

            The problem is many people want to extrapolate Micro Evolution into Macro Evolution.  Logically if animal can have Wolf-Evolutionvariation within a kind or species, why couldn’t that just be a continuation from lower life forms to more complex?


2. Macro-Evolution:  The second part of Darwin’s book, he extrapolates Micro-Evolution into Macro-Evolution in chapters 10 through 17.  The concept of Macro-Evolution requires large scale changes from simpler forms of life into more complex forms.  The problem with aspect of evolution is the information component.


Where does the information come from to allow the lizard to transform into a bird?  The information is being introduced, its new information, what is the source?  The design and engineering of a wing requires detailed information, including the structure of the wing, hollow bones to reduce weight, the design of the feathers, all this needs to be present for the wing to work.

  If you follow the trail of Macro Evolution you come to the Proto-Cell the very first cell.  This first cell is the great grandfather of all things living according to secular evolution.  How possible is it that the first cell could form from non-living organic compounds?

 Is the Proto-Cell a possibility?

The Proto-Cell:

Darwin and his followers after him such as Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog, had no idea how complex a cell was.  Only through the electron microscope and other instruments invented this century have we come to understand what takes for a cell to function.  Within a cell are thousands of different proteins, enveloped in lipid layer, allowing for the flow of materials into and outside of the cell.  The Proto-Cell is a mythical cell in the theory of Evolution.  Evolutionist just “assume” it exists without any evidence for its possibility.  Here is where evolution becomes a faith based system.  There are 3 major problems with a Protocell accidently appearing, life from non-life, Abiogenesis. (Life from non-life).


1. Matching DNA and Cell Hardware

2. The Ability to replicate itself

3. Complex Proteins


            The complexity of proteins and organelles required in the first cell is beyond any type of technology we have today.  Therefore for the first cell to exist and replicate it requires an impossible number of events to occur. 


1. Matching DNA with Cell Hardware (Software and Hardware need to match perfectly)

For the very first cell to exist, the organs, known as organelles would also be required. Organelles are basically the organs of a cell required for specific function to maintain the life of a cell, like our heart, lungs, intestines, brain and skin.  The Ribosomes are required to make proteins.  Mitochondrion and Chloropasts are required to power the cell.



            This is the machinery inside the cell allowing the cell to Cell-Organellesfunction.  Here is the great dilemma for the person who rejects God, not only must the cell have all these organs to function, but it must have the information to make all these organs in the DNA. If the information is not in the DNA, the cell would not be able to reproduce itself for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation.  It would die without DNA and we could never exist.  

            Image have the first ever apple without seeds inside the apple, you would only have one apple, because there are no instructions to make the Apple tree, which produces the apple.  So not only do you need the apple but you need the apple tree and the seed to produce the next generation of apples. It’s the same problem with the first cell, it would not only need the equipment to exist, but it would require the matching instructions on how to build all the organs for the next generation. So the First Cell requires not only the hardware but also all the software, and both would be required at the same time. This is an impossible task, which requiring blind faith.


2. The Ability to replicate itself:

The first cell would have to be able to replicate itself and send the replication instructions to the next cell.   Image a new born baby, how would it even know it has the equipment to reproduce, now imagine the first cell, how would even be self-aware to develop a system of self-replication.  This is an impossible task for the “mythical” cell which did not exist.


Protein-Complex3. Complex Proteins are required:

Thousand of complex proteins would need to have simultaneous came into existence at the same time or the cell would not be able to function.  For example “Flagellum” the propulsion system of a bacterium requires over 40 unique proteins.  If any of these proteins were missing the flagellum would be completely useless.


These three problems make the possibility of a first cell coming into existence on its own a complete impossibility. 


[1] Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Francis Darwin, D. Appleton & Company, 1911, Pgs. 202-203

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