Nebraska Man Fake Evidence of Evolution


Nebraska Man Hoax 

(Fake Evidence of Evolution)

Henry Fairfield Osborn, American scientist, and president of the American Natural History Museum for 25 years.  Discovered what he claimed was western ape, “Nebraska Man” , based on a find in Nebraska in 1917.  In 1922, after 5-years of research,  the Western world’s ape man was hailed as breakthrough discovery. 

    The Illustrated London News was so impressed with the discovery, they imagined a day in the life of Nebraska Man for the world to see. The evidence for Nebraska Man was used by evolutionists in the famous Scopes evolution trial in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925.  The evidence for “Evolution” was affirmed.  What was the find?  It was a tooth, the tooth of an extinct pig!.

Many people put their “Faith” in this fake evidence of Evolution. They believed science was based on FACT and not FAITH.  Truth is the claims of the tooth were fiction. FAKE EVIDENCE.