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Class 3: Stones Cry Out

Stones Cry Out 3: Bible Archeology, Inthis class we cover the evidence of the Bible through Archeology.

We cover the Beni-Hasan Mural, Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, The Seige of Lachish reliefs at Senecarib's Palace, Hittite History as proof of the Bible, City of Ebla and the city of Ugarit as proof of scripture.

Class Handout: http://truthnet.org/pdf/Stones-Cry-Out/Stones_Cry_Out_3.pdf


Assyrian History

Seige of Lachish

Hittites as proof of the Bible's accuracy, Ebla and Ugarit

The whole video of Hittite History


John 3:16 Challenge Coin